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Why Your Business Needs Facebook

facebook for business

If you are a small business owner, you need to have a Facebook page. There are plenty of benefits you can get when you set up a Facebook page for your brand. Continue reading to know how a Facebook page can benefit you and your brand.


Creating a business page is easy. If you already have your personal Facebook profile, you can use it to connect to a Facebook page for your brand. It’s best that you create a business page instead of using your own private profile.

Know Your Target Audience

If you are just starting out, it might be confusing to have a perfect grasp of who your target audience is. What Facebook can do is to help you reach your target audience. Facebook Insights provides data that will show you when your audience is online, what days, the gender of those who usually engage in your posts, and so much more. Their age, location, and interests are also collected.

Once you have a clear idea of who your target market is, that’s the time you can customize your posts and updates for them. It’s a great way to align your business to the path it needs to grow more prospects.

Increase Your Followers

Once you know who your target audience is, it’s time to increase your followers. Draw more Facebook users to your page. You can do this by introducing new products or services. Share interesting photos that are relevant to your brand. Make sure they are high resolution and emotionally moving. You can also show how your business operates. You’ll gain more reactions from other Facebook users in the long run. The best part, you are not only showcasing your product and company but gaining new customers as well all for free!


With the increasing number of Facebook users, it’s for you to make the most out of it. Start by inviting close family and friends to like your page. The more likes and followers you get, the more chances you gain to attract customers. Do you know what else works? Contests and Promotions! Nothing can be more enticing than getting freebies, so take advantage of this method to gain more followers. This is what most influencers do nowadays.

Humanize Your Business

Let your customers get to know you more. Many businesses are challenged with how they can connect with their customers. They don’t have to see your everyday life. But it helps to know that they are not just dealing with robots. Give them a glimpse of how you operate. Reply to their comments. Do you know that they will stay loyal once they feel connected with you?

Direct Traffic to Your Website

You can direct traffic to your website with the help of Facebook. Your posts can include links from your website and its pages. The about us section is also a great way to add your website link. When you post an event or a product feature, add the link to your post description or caption.

Build Brand Awareness

Building your brand is highly important. With so many competitors out there in the market, you need to stand out. Post interesting content, but make sure it is still relevant to your brand. Don’t just post random viral stuff, or else your audience will not take you seriously.

Social media is here to stay no matter how reluctant you are to set a profile or a page up. It can be challenging time-wise but don’t fret.

If you feel like it’s hard to accomplish, then take reference on some of the most successful brands online. They also started from scratch. It’s time for you to feel the benefits of having a Facebook page.


Why I Think Dubsado Is The Best CRM


Are you constantly fussing about workflows, project documentation, and the like? Do you often find yourself scrambling for contracts, invoices and other documents that are essential to your business? Ever think that emailing potential clients back and forth can be a little too taxing at times? Well, you are not alone! I was feeling the exact same things some time ago.

But by a stroke of luck, I stumbled upon a brilliant tool that has significantly helped me automate the most time-consuming aspects of my service-based business. In this increasingly competitive world, “just getting by” is not enough. You need to have a clear-cut vision of what you want to accomplish and how you are going to execute it. Having an efficient workflow is a great way to start and with the help of Dubsado, everything became a breeze. I found the perfect CRM! The only thing left for me to do was to create systems and workflows that would work for my business. So, I did! And guess what, I have completely utilized Dubsado to increase my efficiency. 

Imagine the time I saved because I streamlined and automated my business! Now, I don’t have to email my leads back and forth just to set up a call, or have the client sign the contract and pay the invoice. 

Dubsado has so many features that I have utilized and loved — from automating workflows and sorting out documents to keeping track of time and finances. It is a truly powerful tool for a digital entrepreneur like myself.

Here are the best Dubsado features I really love and why I think you will, too.

Easy Proposals

The constant updates of Dubsado to make their service provisions amazing is beyond compelling. After several updates, viewers or targeted audiences can instantly view what you offer and what you’re all about. What’s even more jaw-dropping is that once you persuade them to avail of your services or products, it can send a contract to them in a jiffy and they can choose their payment plans. All in one click!

Instant Lead Scheduling

Another great thing about Dubsado is their convenient and integrated scheduler. When proposals are available to the public, a prospect looks into the services that you can provide, and if that piques their interest, they can book an appointment with you through the scheduler. No need to get their information on a form (unless you want to), the scheduler will automatically coordinate the client’s available time with your daily work so that getting that deal is the only thing that you must stress out.

Intuitive Recent Tabs

There’s nothing more refreshing than being able to look at your progress and the tasks you’ve accomplished in a day. With Dubsado’s recent tab, you know what tasks you need to work on and what projects you were able to accomplish. You can look into the invoices that were not yet paid, sign contracts that need to be sent, and more!

Recurring Client Invoices

It’s so easy to get lost and drown yourself in a sea of tasks and forget your priorities. Since computing and itemizing line items for your invoice can be daunting, you can rely on Dubsado to get it off your hands. The power of automation can be felt with Dubsado. You never have to worry about missing an invoice period again.

If you don’t have a favorite partner-tool for your entrepreneurial venture yet, I suggest that you try Dubsado for a change! The tool gives you a free one-month trial, and this is your chance to get a feel and optimize what this tool can provide for your business. If it’s not to your liking, you can remove it and return to your old and reliable application. But, if there’s one thing that I discovered about Dubsado is that every feature will make you fall in love with the tool. Take it from me, I’ve been there.

email marketing

Why I Switched From MailChimp To Flodesk

email marketing

Emails have become the primary mode of communication most businesses and organizations rely on. Whether it’s for internal affairs, instructions and other important correspondence, emails have impacted the business world significantly. Various tools that help automate email processes rise in popularity to help entrepreneurs use time efficiently without compromising content and style. More so, these tools became significant for what most businesses identify as email marketing. 

If you’re an organization using other tools and services such as MailChimp, you may want to know why I made a switch to Flodesk. 

What is Flodesk?

The Flodesk websites identify their flagship service as “the world’s most intuitive email builder.” With your brand image in mind, you can create stunning and consistent emails that communicates your intent in just a click. However, since Flodesk is relatively new to the scene, it cannot compare to the power aspect of the game. As off-putting as it may seem, this does not falter Flodesk in providing me with the email marketing services I need.

Why I Switched to Flodesk?

As I mentioned, this article will focus on the reasons why Flodesk works best for me than other email marketing services on the market.

1. Flodesk’s Pricing Scheme is Reasonable

Email marketing services get pricey. However, Flodesk isn’t. As of this writing, the price is set at $38/month. Although this will go up as time passes by, once you subscribe now for this email marketing service, you’ll be billed $38/month for a lifetime! 


What’s even more fascinating is the fact that despite noting an increase in your listing, you’ll only pay the same amount of subscription. It doesn’t matter whether you have 1000 on your listing or only 10, you still pay the same price.

2. Flodesk’s Compelling Design Encourages Mail List Growth

Another thing that makes Flodesk stand out from its competing platform are the simplistic yet effective email designs that are sure to captivate your audience. You can customize pop-ups, forms, and other paraphernalia on your site and email. 

3. Flodesk’s Intuitive Platform

Even if you aren’t as techy compared to other self-proclaimed tech wizards, Flodesk will help you automate emails without a hitch! Because of its intuitive user design, you can explore options, tinker with settings and unleash your creative genius. Using it does not take much of your time and energy.

4. Flodesks’ Range of Captivating Templates

With flodesk, you can send professional emails by choosing a template suited for your audience. Want to stand out in a flashy way? Flodesk have templates fitted to make users go wow! Email marketing possibilities are endless with Flodesk. 

Before I wrap up with my experience, it is important to know that email marketing services have features that appeal differently to a particular set of users. It is crucial to determine what you need from a service and use it as a basis for your selection. 

If you recently tried Flodesk, don’t forget to share your experience with me. Whether its the good, or the bad, your take on Flodesk counts. 

Why Branding Matters

Why Branding Matters

Why Branding Matters

Branding matters.

A blank space communicates nothing. In this visual world, the importance of stunning and compelling visual designs and graphic spaces have been emphasized for all aspects of business and marketing. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, here are the greatest reasons design matters.

Design is a visual representation of your brand.

Your business visual interpretation lies in a great and well-thought of design. More so, the combination of symbol, colors, lines and typography makes your business stand out in a realm of competition.

Design stimulates the senses.

By integrating science and psychology, it has proven that colors and more affect a consumer’s senses. What’s even more amazing is the fact that your brand’s design can lead to snap judgments of purchasing or not.

branding reflects value.

Another thing that makes design a crucial aspect for your biz is the fact that it becomes a gateway of what you intend to fulfil about your customer’s expectations.

design influences your potential client's perception of your brand.

When an organization takes the time to plan, strategize and create a design for the masses, they’ll likely take the time and their resources to take care of their clientele.

Whether it’s a simple one, an extravagant display of symbols or a meager sketch, as long as it is a design that builds your identity and communicates your intent, it’s a good place to start.

ARe you ready to elevate your brand?

Sean Gilsie


Tips for Effective Email Communication


In the business world, people exchange emails more than letters or phone calls. Just like regular employees in the office, freelancers and entrepreneurs alike receive multiple emails every single day.


Knowing how to effectively convey your message is a skill not many of us think about often, but learning how to write better emails will definitely make a big difference.


A lot of people do not consciously think about the repercussions of not knowing how to effectively write emails. This is where miscommunication often stems from. Not to mention the chance of possibly sending out the wrong idea or message to potential clients, or maybe even sounding offensive in some cases.


Poor grammar, wrong spelling, too casual a tone or just basically forgetting to proofread your emails can cause these problems.


So, for you to be able to properly communicate your thoughts through online correspondence, here are some tips to improve your email writing skills:

Use Short but Informative Subject Lines

Think of this as the gist of your entire email. The subject line essentially gives the recipient an idea of what the email is all about. Avoid long sentences and stick to using a few words to describe the purpose of your email.

Don’t be like those people who leave the subject line blank with the hope that it will make the email appear mysterious and appealing. It doesn’t! Truth is, it can be annoying, and may even be mistaken for spam.

Write Concisely and Get Straight to the Point

For heaven’s sake, you are writing an email, not a novel! In this fast-paced world, we are so pressed for time that reading long emails doesn’t seem appealing at all.

I do understand that long emails are unavoidable at times, but please don’t use this as an excuse every chance you get. What I’m trying to say is, you should try to write concisely and be as brief as possible.

If you need a quick response from your reader, asking questions answerable by yes or no is the way to go.

Always Check Your Tone

Gone are the days of letter formality, unless you are writing a cover letter. You can use a casual or conversational tone (or perhaps a more formal one in some cases) depending on who the email is addressed to.

Some important points to remember are:

  1. Write in proper English
  2. Avoid using slang
  3. Limit your use of emoticons

Don’t Forget Your Manners

Take the time to be polite. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you” in your emails. As the old saying goes – “manners cost nothing, but can go a long way!”.

Never Forget to Proofread

Always proofread your emails to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. An error-free email makes you look professional.

Struggling with grammar and spelling? No worries, there are many useful tools online that can help you overcome these. For starters, you can use Grammarly.

mental exercise

The Power Of Mental Exercise

mental exercise

Saying “I cannot afford it” vs Asking “How can I afford it?”

One is a statement, and the other is a question. One lets you off the hook and the other forces you to think.

This is just one of the many little gold nuggets I picked up from the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

True enough, if you say “I can’t afford it” – you are essentially dismissing the idea that somehow, there is a way for you to acquire whatever it is that you cannot afford at the moment. 

But, if you ask yourself – “How can I afford it?” You are putting your brain to work.

Subjecting your brain to some mental exercise on a daily basis makes your brain stronger.

As the rich dad said, automatically saying “I CAN’T AFFORD IT” is a sign of mental laziness.

So, before you say: “I cannot afford to hire a virtual assistant.”

Why not ask yourself, “What can I do to afford to hire a virtual assistant to help me get things done?”

Imagine if you have somebody doing all the tedious things that you know you can outsource, you are essentially, freeing up your time so you can focus on growing your business. Think, client acquisition, and scaling.

See? Mental exercise, love. 

And if you are ready to take your business to the next level, feel free to book a call for a FREE consult. Let’s make things happen!


How to Increase Productivity


With the right motivation and a productivity-induced scheme, I bet you can do more than what you planned for the day. However, just like you, I succumb to momentary lapses of procrastination and overwhelmed feelings from many tasks and responsibilities, if you want to learn a nugget or two on how to increase your productivity, this article’s for you.

Follow Your Body Clock

Some individuals are like owls that thrive in the night, while others join in the bustle of the morning jive. Determine whether you’re a night owl or a lark and work your way in scheduling tasks in those hours.

Great Food, Great Performance

An empty vehicle leads you nowhere. For a body that is scheduled to grind, you will need a hearty meal. One that is filled with nutritional value and a scrumptious taste to match.

Planning and Time-Blocking

Before tackling today’s tasks, identify all of it, and determine which to prioritize. Then, decide on how many hours you need to accomplish each one and time-block it.

Say Goodbye to Distractions

Always take into consideration the hours you need to attend to your emails, checking news feed, updating your social media pages, etc. Once you’re done, switch off your notifications so that nothing will disturb you while you work.

Take Ample Breaks

Include snack breaks and stretches in your daily work routine. This will keep you from feeling tired and groggy during your set working hours.

Enjoy a Rejuvenating Rest and Uninterrupted Sleep

Once your working hours are done, turn off your workstation and unplug. Spend time for relaxation and with your loved ones. Most especially, have a good night’s rest to get you pumped in the morning.


How To Increase Instagram Followers


How to Increase your Instagram followers organically

One of the greatest marketing tools for businesses and organizations comes in a pop-filled and colorful package, social media. If you created an Instagram account for your business, here’s a quick guide on how you can increase followers.

Integrate a call to action

Every space for content should be optimized for a call to action. See the space for your business or profile’s bio? Include a discount link or a product code on it! But, be careful in bombarding viewers with pictures of products only. Variety is key.

CREATE valuable content

In relation to our previous point, it is important to have a social media schedule. Plan your pictures, plan when you will unveil a new product, and more. Also, stick to what your brand reflects. The colors, the relevance of the picture, and the message should come through.

Have a consistent posting schedule

Some businesses opt to post on their Instagram at least once a day. As experts would recommend, 1-2 posts a day is enough. Also, it would help to post when audience engagement rates are high during weekdays from 8 AM to 9 PM and back to 5 PM to 9 PM.

Use relevant hashtags

To make your Instagram account stand out, you need a mix of the most popular hashtags and the not so popular ones mixed in. The key in identifying your hashtags is to determine your target audience.

ENGAGE with users

Did you feature a product? Tag them. Did you find a user’s picture awesome? Comment on it. Give them a like and increase your presence on the feed.

Follow these tips to increase your Instagram followers.

need help with social media management?

Sean Gilsie


Why You Need A Virtual Assistant


Why you need a virtual assistant

Digital nomads, online creatives, and start-up businesses know how much work, effort, patience, and time must be invested to keep a business running.

One successful indicator of a profitable venture is its efficiency.

For the mentioned individuals, time is of the essence. To minimize operating and manpower costs, these people tend to do all the work themselves instead of letting someone help them to increase productivity and maintain accuracy.

In the online world, every second wasted is a dollar wasted intended for other resources.

To maximize your working hours, increase revenue, and spend precious time with family and friends, outsourcing a virtual assistant is the key to your success.

By bringing in a virtual assistant to your team, you can focus on other aspects and more urgent concerns while allowing yourself to take some time off to attend to personal transactions.

Call it a win-win solution!

Ramp Up Productivity Level

It’s easy to think that you have run out of time to finish all the tasks for the day when you’re doing it all by yourself. This is hard work at play, but this is not working smart.

Having a virtual assistant is like having an extra pair of hands to accomplish work twice as much as you’d usually achieve. 

Help on Daily, Mundane Tasks

Having your own business and running it may seem exciting and adventurous at first.

However, you’ll realize that maintaining its success is composed of consistent, daily and more often than not, mundane tasks. It’s not that you can instantly relieve yourself from these tasks and let it run on its own.

Some tasks are tedious and can be accomplished with the help of a virtual assistant. With their help, you’ll have someone attend to these tasks without the hassle.

This alone makes you focus on business operations like innovation, marketing, and integration and take off some workload off your back.

This will keep your gears working, continually striving on how you can expand your business and working on increasing your effectivity. 

Minimize Stress Level

Admit it, you’ve been glued to your daily planner on a supposedly fun-filled weekend with friends and family. You’re torn between burying your head to accomplish these tasks or finally waving a white flag to surrender and give up.

But, you don’t have to sacrifice your precious time and your passion for your business, not when you have a virtual assistant helping you out. 

Strategize Marketing Schemes

The conceptualization of marketing and promotional strategies are downright difficult and time-consuming. Considering how most business owners don’t have the time to think of innovative means, this is an area that is often neglected.

A virtual assistant can assist you by driving traffic to your website, interpreting analytics and identifying which tools are effective. 

Expansion Of Expertise

Being a business owner doesn’t mean that you’re already an expert in the trade. Chances are, there’s a lot to discover and there’s more to learn.

You can hire a virtual assistant to help with daily admin tasks to make your business more efficient and allow you to concentrate on a specific area that needs more of your attention.

So, what's next?

Before posting a job ad on hiring platforms, make sure that you have created a list of tasks for your virtual assistant. It would help to set up cloud folders where documents and other attachments can be accessed using a company email.

You can also create tutorial videos with a thorough explanation of how you want to get things done. These materials will come in handy when you train your new virtual assistant.

Ready to hire a virtual assistant?

Sean Gilsie

3 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Businesses aren’t just money-making opportunities. For some, it’s their passion and their life. If you are one of those that treat their businesses like a part of themselves, you know how crucial it is to find a virtual assistant that will help you reach success and at the same time, someone you can work well with. 

Identify the tasks you need done

Do you think you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant for your business? Before you start picking from a huge pool of talented and intelligent individuals, better sit down and identify what your virtual assistant needs to do or what tasks are you looking to help someone with. In a piece of paper, write down all of the tasks that you need to accomplish. With everything listed, separate them into three sections. You can use a highlighter or three different sheets for the partition. 

Tasks you feel comfortable assigning to somebody

In daily business operations, chances are, there are tasks that you can trust a complete stranger to accomplish. These can be mundane yet essential tasks that require minimal skill levels to finish such as, data entry, basic organization, bog management, etc. 

Tasks you don’t feel comfortable assigning to somebody

After you’ve listed all of the tasks that you feel comfortable assigning to somebody, you will realize that there’s a lot on your list that remains. This can only mean either of these two things: the task is rather significant to be assigned to somebody or, you can complete the task by yourself.

If the tasks fall on the latter, you can hire specialized virtual assistants that focus on areas that general VAs can’t accomplish such as website creation, video and photography editing and more.  

In this regard, there are two virtual assistant classifications to know: 

General or All-Around Virtual Assistant – paid through an hourly rate, these virtual assistants can do anything that you assign them with.

Specialized Virtual Assistant – unlike general or all-around virtual assistants, they charge a higher hourly rate and can be trusted on a specific task since they pride themselves on their expertise in that field. 

Tasks that you’ll have to accomplish yourself

Unfortunately, there are tasks that you cannot assign to your general VA or specialized VA because it takes you to accomplish them. These tasks can be one of the following: attending client or customer meetings, one-on-one coaching sessions, Facebook or Instagram lives, content creation, etc.

Where To Find A Great Virtual Assistant

After determining all of the tasks and the number of virtual assistants you’re going to hire, only one crucial step remains, finding these individuals.

Luckily, the internet is an ocean for these wonderful, amazing and dedicated persons. You can search for these people on Facebook Groups, Linkedin, Google Searches, Freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

While you’re on the hunt for the most suitable candidate, one recommendation you should follow is to read page reviews.

An experienced virtual assistant would know how essential honest reviews are for client bookings.

These reviews will guide your decision of finding the perfect VA that is fit for your business.

Always remember, a rushed decision never works out in your favor.