How to Increase Productivity


With the right motivation and a productivity-induced scheme, I bet you can do more than what you planned for the day. However, just like you, I succumb to momentary lapses of procrastination and overwhelmed feelings from many tasks and responsibilities, if you want to learn a nugget or two on how to increase your productivity, this article’s for you.

Follow Your Body Clock

Some individuals are like owls that thrive in the night, while others join in the bustle of the morning jive. Determine whether you’re a night owl or a lark and work your way in scheduling tasks in those hours.

Great Food, Great Performance

An empty vehicle leads you nowhere. For a body that is scheduled to grind, you will need a hearty meal. One that is filled with nutritional value and a scrumptious taste to match.

Planning and Time-Blocking

Before tackling today’s tasks, identify all of it, and determine which to prioritize. Then, decide on how many hours you need to accomplish each one and time-block it.

Say Goodbye to Distractions

Always take into consideration the hours you need to attend to your emails, checking news feed, updating your social media pages, etc. Once you’re done, switch off your notifications so that nothing will disturb you while you work.

Take Ample Breaks

Include snack breaks and stretches in your daily work routine. This will keep you from feeling tired and groggy during your set working hours.

Enjoy a Rejuvenating Rest and Uninterrupted Sleep

Once your working hours are done, turn off your workstation and unplug. Spend time for relaxation and with your loved ones. Most especially, have a good night’s rest to get you pumped in the morning.

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