Why I Switched From MailChimp To Flodesk

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Emails have become the primary mode of communication most businesses and organizations rely on. Whether it’s for internal affairs, instructions and other important correspondence, emails have impacted the business world significantly. Various tools that help automate email processes rise in popularity to help entrepreneurs use time efficiently without compromising content and style. More so, these tools became significant for what most businesses identify as email marketing. 

If you’re an organization using other tools and services such as MailChimp, you may want to know why I made a switch to Flodesk. 

What is Flodesk?

The Flodesk websites identify their flagship service as “the world’s most intuitive email builder.” With your brand image in mind, you can create stunning and consistent emails that communicates your intent in just a click. However, since Flodesk is relatively new to the scene, it cannot compare to the power aspect of the game. As off-putting as it may seem, this does not falter Flodesk in providing me with the email marketing services I need.

Why I Switched to Flodesk?

As I mentioned, this article will focus on the reasons why Flodesk works best for me than other email marketing services on the market.

1. Flodesk’s Pricing Scheme is Reasonable

Email marketing services get pricey. However, Flodesk isn’t. As of this writing, the price is set at $38/month. Although this will go up as time passes by, once you subscribe now for this email marketing service, you’ll be billed $38/month for a lifetime! 


What’s even more fascinating is the fact that despite noting an increase in your listing, you’ll only pay the same amount of subscription. It doesn’t matter whether you have 1000 on your listing or only 10, you still pay the same price.

2. Flodesk’s Compelling Design Encourages Mail List Growth

Another thing that makes Flodesk stand out from its competing platform are the simplistic yet effective email designs that are sure to captivate your audience. You can customize pop-ups, forms, and other paraphernalia on your site and email. 

3. Flodesk’s Intuitive Platform

Even if you aren’t as techy compared to other self-proclaimed tech wizards, Flodesk will help you automate emails without a hitch! Because of its intuitive user design, you can explore options, tinker with settings and unleash your creative genius. Using it does not take much of your time and energy.

4. Flodesks’ Range of Captivating Templates

With flodesk, you can send professional emails by choosing a template suited for your audience. Want to stand out in a flashy way? Flodesk have templates fitted to make users go wow! Email marketing possibilities are endless with Flodesk. 

Before I wrap up with my experience, it is important to know that email marketing services have features that appeal differently to a particular set of users. It is crucial to determine what you need from a service and use it as a basis for your selection. 

If you recently tried Flodesk, don’t forget to share your experience with me. Whether its the good, or the bad, your take on Flodesk counts. 

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